When its about writing either a Blog post or some other writing work, its normal to get stuck and get demotivated at some point. Continuous writing motivation is necessary to remain motivated to write in a world full of amazing writers.

Reading is important but it also brings self-doubt as after going through awesome work of others, its normal to compare. It can be motivating or can go completely wrong. We try to bring out that type of spark in our posts and try to bring changes to the style.

But its not always practical. It takes experience, a lot of practice to be able to achieve that level of writing.

The result? A writer’s block and fear of not being good enough makes it hard to feel motivated to write further.


Writing motivation – How to keep writing when you are stuck?

How to keep writing when you are stuck?-Writing Motivation

-> Just start

Instead of trying to write a better draft, focus on being better at editing. You should just let ideas flow, don’t try and organise everything. Just focus on the topic, add relevant information. To make it even easier, just write the main ideas/ points first. Add on further. Just dare to start. Do it once. You will realise writing is easy once you start and focus.

->Read your past work

Read your past work especially the best ones you got appreciated for. Its motivating as you have examples where you did really well. Since you could do it then, its not a big deal now.

->Don’t aim for perfection

Just because there are better writers out there, it doesn’t mean your work suck. All skills improve with time, with experience. So your writing skils will improve with practice, with time.

Try not to stress about being perfect, instead try to write valueable content. Getting afraid of criticism, of not being good enough will just make it hard to write.

->Get rid of all the distractions

With distraction, it gets difficult to concentrate on the topic, to come up with ideas and write in flow. And what you end up with? A really bad experience with writing, wasting time and ending up with incomplete draft. Distraction leads to demotivation and writing gets even harder.

So eliminate all the distactions, keep your phone away, and be in a quiet place where its easier to focus.

You write not because you have to but because you want to. So keep writing when you are stuck because where there is a will, there is a way.

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