Confidence snag? Quick question to you. What do you think Confident people are different at? A clear difference is that Confident people are completely happy with themselves, and their lives. And have accepted themselves completely. Which others didn’t. In short, they have maintained a good relation with themselves. A relation where there is trust, love, and the most important thing – understanding. Just like any other relationship, if these qualities are absent, distance builds up.

So how good is your relation with yourself? Since there are confident issues, it must be off. Don’t force yourself to be perfect, because perfection doesn’t exist! Only way is to accept.

Tips to look more Confident instantly :-

1. Dress your best

Maintain a good dressing sense which is not only comfortable and stylish, but also according to occasion. The first rule to look confident, is to be confident. To be confident, you need to feel good. There should be something that makes you feel confident about yourself.

The best, and the easiest step is to dress up your best. Wear the outfits that you are most comfortable in and you think you look the best in. And ofcourse are according to the occasion as well.

According to one point of view, you should be confident with however you look. Its right. However its absolutely fine if you feel confident because of your dressing.

2. Speak clearly and try to engage with people around

People who are more social, or atleast have good communicating skills, look confident. There are no specific rules about how to communicate.

If you aren’t comfortable in talking to people around and engaging a lot, its fine. You just need to be open to conversations.

3. Bring positivity in your thoughts

Be happy with what you have, and face everything with positivity. Just go on with the flow and always try to have a positive point of view in everything you come across. Never look at problems as a punishment or or another bad incident and panic at it.

Instead, look for solutions and come out like a boss. Have a look back to the incidents you faced and you will realise they gave you a confident boost. Even if it didn’t go the way it could have, it still indirectly taught you something.

What’s going on will go on, but how it all will affect you depends on how you react. Remember it!

4. Stop complaining

What we focus on takes our attention. And if we complain everytime, we are indirectly saying life isn’t the way it is, and let negativity take a place in our minds. Its also called “victim mentality”. We just have to stop playing a victim and just go and make changes if we are not happy with something.

5. Check your conversation with yourself

Its important to understand what you continuously feed your mind. Firstly, never stop yourself. Keep doing what you want to and never tell yourself that you can’t do that.

Underestimating yourself, doubting yourself and other demotivating habits should be put a ban on.

Secondly, don’t even think or wish ill for others. Believe it or not, if you are thinking bad about anyone, unknowingly it affects your judgement about yourself.

What makes us like other people? Their thinking, good thoughts, a tint of purity in them. Even if you aren’t aware, this is the reason your mind gives to justify why you shouldn’t be confident.

6. Maintain an eye contact

Maintain an eye contact with anyone and everyone you talk. Not only you would get proper attention from the person you are conversing with, you will be able to talk clearly.

7. Body language

Body language tells everything about a person. Have you heard the quote – “Your energy introduces you before you even start to speak”?. It really fits. So take care about how you get you are introducing yourself through your Body language.

Observe it or not, but the body language always changes with your mood. So walk, sit, stand like you are interested with whatever is going on. You are up for everything.

Trust me, changing your body language will change how you feel. So try to focus on confident Body language.

8. Stop seeking validation

Not confident about something? Maybe your looks or about some work you did? If you are trying to get validation, ask from someone who is actually good at it. Don’t seek validation from just anyone, who isn’t going to give great advice.

Seeking validation is just like giving away power. Power of judgement. So give it to those who are good judges. Otherwise you are going to end up having judgements that just don’t fit. And maybe even biased!

And Remember this :

Confidence comes from accepting yourself completely and looking at positive aspects of everything.


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