Many aspects of our personality are shown by our body language. Its not necessary that its always true. Many times, we unknowingly communicate wrong message, which is completely different from what we actually think. Maybe because of our daily habits, our body language is not how it should be.

Whenever we communicate with anyone, we read the person. And what is the basis of this judgement? Body language. It tells everything. We analyse everything through the body language that whether the person is confident, is telling lies, nervous, etc.

Simple ways to improve your Body language:-

. Maintain an eye contact

While communicating with everyone, we should maintain an eye contact. The person we are communicating with will not only be attentive but would know you are interested in conversation.

2. Engage

Those who try to engage with everyone and are comfortable with everyone around give a good impression. How is it affecting body language? It shows a lot of qualities. You look energetic, happy, positive, friendly, and most important quality – confident. Most of the people who are open to conversations have all of these qualities in their body language.

3. Observe the body language of other people

Since you observe people around, you know what you like and what you think isn’t impressive. So, implement all the good points.

4. Check the tone of voice

Our tone of voice also matters. Communicating same message but with difference in tones changes how the person takes it. One can easily tell if a person is angry, sad, frustrated, etc because of the tone of voice. So, tone of voice should match the mood of the occasion.

5. Smile

Keep a smile on your face. Your facial expressions matter a lot. And a smile is a sign of positivity, of being happy.

6. Avoid unnecessary gestures

When you sit or stand and while basically doing anything, avoid unnecessary gestures. Like nail biting, folding hands, tilting your head, nodding too much etc. These gestures aren’t needed and they just doesn’t look nice to others.

7. Keep your head up and sit straight

Firstly bowing head down is not good for your back. Secondly, its not making you relax, if you think it does. Thirdly,  it makes you feel less powerful. And its also a sign of tiredness.

8. Relax and stop overthinking

Our body language is affected a lot by how we feel. And a few gestures like nail biting are signs of nervousness. Overthinking makes you uncomfortable and affects breathing. Being nervous and overthinking affects our body language in a bad way.



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