Hello! Welcome to my Blog, a Blog where you can find posts on topics related to Beauty, Inspiration and Blogging. Most of the posts I write are concerned with helping people, with something or the other. So, my posts would either help you or make you smile 🙂

Wondering why this blog is named as “Pretty Updates”? Well hold on, let me explain. A crazy girl who loved watching youtube videos one day all of a sudden thought (while watching a youtube video), why can’t she do this? A world full of youtubers who were influencing people, who were interacting with so many people, not just from her own country, but also from all over the world. This seems so amazing to her. She then instead of doing youtube videos, decided to make a blog! Why? Because her writing skills are good, and she loved to write, so why not make a blog as she could make the same impact on people through her posts just like youtubers do. So, she gave it a try.

And I chose the name “Pretty Updates” for my Blog because I write on topics I love to write and while searching for a suitable Blog name, my search ended with this one.

Thank you for stopping by my Blog.💜