Beauty tips for a Flawless Makeup Base

Your Makeup should enhance your features not something that looks made up. If your Makeup base is not great, you just cannot fix it further. So, I have mentioned below few beauty tips for flawless Makeup base. Make sure you follow them all.

Follow these Beauty tips for a Flawless Makeup base :-

1. Start with a Primer or a Moisturiser – You need to apply a Primer or a Moisturiser on your face before using anything else. This is because chances are that your skin may be dry at some parts of the face and may be fine otherwise. Hence, it may look uneven.

You can use either a Primer or a Moisturiser. You can even use a BB cream, a serum, face lotion, or even oil. If you are using oil, make sure its meant for face.


2. Always blend your Foundation – Blending Foundation is a must. If you won’t, it may look made up or whitish. It may seem fine otherwise but chances are this may look bad in photos or in sunlight.

You can use a beauty blender, a foundation brush or even a silicon sponge. Always use Foundation that match your skin color.


3. If you use a Sunscreen, it should not be of a really high SPF – Products having high SPF tend to make face look whitish. So you need to use products with low SPF.


4. Do not overuse any product – Using a product more than required won’t make it look prettier, it would just ruin it more.

So, for flawless Makeup base, use at most two coats of Foundation. If it doesn’t cover everything, using a Concealer will solve this issue.


5. Don’t apply too much of Face powder – Too much of anything is bad, same goes with Face powder as well. Use face powder that is enough to cover the whole face, but don’t overdo that. Also, apply it in a dabbing motion. You don’t have to mix it with the cream products on your face.


6. Use clean Makeup blenders and/or Brushes – The Makeup brushes or sponges/blenders everything should be clean. If you won’t, the Makeup sitting on these brushes or sponges would mess  up with the product you are applying with them.


7. Always apply Makeup on a clean face – And the most important step is that your face has to be clean and exfoliated. You can use a face scrub or a face wash for this purpose.


I believe the beauty tips mentioned above if followed, would give you a perfect flawless Makeup base. If you have anything to ask or share, comment below.


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