Reasons you are never happy with your Makeup look!

No matter how good one is with Makeup, some things if are not cared about can be a reason you are not happy with how your Makeup looks. Which one is your reason from the reasons mentioned below?

■While doing Makeup, you imagine to look like someone but then you don’t look like that as and when you finish with ypur Makeup.



■You think like your Makeup products are not that good, there are better ones in the market.



■You try to copy other people’s looks and choose those colors and Makeup formulas that you aren’t comfortable with.



■You don’t apply Moisturiser or Primer before putting on everything else as applying makeup on dehydrated skin or on dry skin is something you shouldn’t do.



■You apply too much of everything. Too much of any Makeup product doesn’t make it look better. This will only ruin it.



So these are the possibilities that you may not be happy with your Makeup look. If you have anything to ask or share, comment below.


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