5 ways to write better BLOG POSTS

The best way to get more followers, to get more readers, to make a good mark in this blogging world is to write good posts or content.

You can get followers in many ways but you can’t earn likes, or I should say “Real followers” who really like your content and who actually appreciate your work and want to know more about you.

In this post, I am going to mention few simple yet effective ways or you can say tricks which will help you in writing better blog posts. The main focus is on creating better blog content.


1. Write yourself – Always keep this in practice that whatever you are writing should be your own content, it should not be something you copied from somewhere. Its acceptable that you visited some other blogs or any website or maybe watched few youtube videos to know more about that particular topic but then you should write everything in your own language, what you understood from that, also add your points to it but don’t copy.


2. Write the way you talk – The way you explain yourself, the use of words, the explanation you give when you are talking to someone, if you write the same words, you would see how better your blog posts go.


3. Read before posting to make sure there are no spelling mistakes or any other mistake – If the content has spelling mistakes or lines which have not been ended properly, or maybe the heading does not match the content, the readers would get a bad impression and they won’t take you seriously.


4. Write on topics which you have knowledge about – Choose to write on only those topics you have knowledge about, you should give good content, about what people can rely, which can help people, which you know is correct.

When you don’t have knowledge about something, there are high chances of writing wrong content.


5. Explain all the points or the topic you are explaining thoroughly – Whatever has been mentioned in your post, you should explain yourself that why is it true or why you are encouraging this.

Give your point of view so that the readers would understand your perspective. If, for example you are writing a review of a product, tell them why do you think its bad or if its great, then why.


So these were a few ways I think will help you to write good content. 

If you have anything to share, ask, suggest, you can comment below.


  1. I agree, yes yes yes. For me, I love doing research on the internet. And it is helpful for me to do it extensively checking facts. At 61, I am thankful to also have many experiences, and can add my thoughts to every post I make. It would be difficult to use someone else’s voice because as Sparky Jen, the post may not be “Sparky” enough unless written in my own words. After I push the “Publish” button, I check the blog post many times using different screen sizes, browser types, and also reading out loud to check for misspellings and grammar oops! I usually find several updates I can make before fully satisfied. I also like to read a blog post that had been polished. So, I understand your suggestions for writing good posts, which encourage readers to visit, and return. The title of the blog post, and first few lead-in sentences are very key. Readers are busy people. They must feel compelled to venture further, especially with longer posts. Thanks for sharing. Highest and Best!

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