Simple ways to Increase Blog Traffic!

Blogging involves hardwork, and it takes time to build good content regularly. So Bloggers should make the most out of it and there are some ways to achieve that. Few of them have been mentioned below :-


1. Social Media :-

Talking about Blog traffic, the most important and easiest thing to do is sharing posts on various social media platforms. No matter how awesome your content is, if you won’t share, the content won’t reach the people it could if you had shared your posts. So don’t forget to share. The top Social media platforms are

Facebook – You should have a Facebook page for your Blog so that it can reach people from Facebook and it becomes easy for your readers to share the posts they like.

Twitter – On Twitter, the content can actually go viral if it gets good amount of retweets. And to achieve this, using catchy headlines as well as images is necessary.

Google Plus – You should also use google plus.

There are many other Social media sites like Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest etc which you can use for your Blog to get lots of visitors.

2. Make your posts Search Engine Friendly:-

Using lots of tags doesn’t help rather it goes opposite, but using the right tags (the words that have been talked about most in the blog post, around which the content goes around, has been used atleast more than once in your post) will definitely get the content mentioned on search engines. Although many other factors are also involved. For this purpose many SEO tools are available that can help the posts to be Search engine friendly.

3. Write frequently :-

More posts you have, the better it is for the purpose of traffic as well as for your Blog. Generating more content would get your readers involved with you and will be interested to read what new posts your Blog have.

4. Guest Posts :-

Writing content for some other Blog, with the condition that its mentioned that its your work and the Blog you own. There are lots of benefits of doing guest posts ! Few if them are:-

●You would be able to get readers from other Blogs which is great to get your Blog reach more people.

●If the readers really like the guest post, they may start reading your posts as well.

So these are a few steps a Blogger can follow to increase the Blog traffic.

Do you follow these? Maybe share which one of these ways prove to be more helpful! Comment below.


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