SKIN CARE TIPS for lazy people!

Skin care is very important especially for those who want to look their best. But, it requires time. Many people are busy enough that they just don’t get the time to follow a particular skin care routine or are just simply lazy or maybe just lazy to follow a skin care routine.

SKIN Care Tips For Lazy people :-

  • For removing makeup, instead of Makeup remover, you can use the Coconut oil as it is really good for the skin. You just need to apply some Coconut oil, rub it on the skin and then swipe it off with a tissue paper and at last wash the face with a face wash.
  • Whenever you get a chance, just wash the face with water, maybe cold water, as it hydrates the skin and makes it fresh.
  • Keep a lip balm with you in your bag or something and apply it whenever you can.
  • Keep a water bottle with you always and drink as much water as you can.
  • You can just get a peel off mask as it seems fun to apply and is good for the skin as well.

So these are a few easy skin care tips I follow many times. Let’s admit it following a proper skin care routine everytime is not what everyone would do. At some point of time, it goes boring or that excitement isn’t left. But if its something easy as this, we may follow it.

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  1. Sar

    Thanks for sharing. Although I do consider myself extremely lucky, I normally don’t wear make up haha! My personal opinion is anything made made or created to make money isn’t very good for the skin the begin with 🙂

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