Few ways you can make your Makeup stay on longer!

There are few tricks you can use to make your Makeup stay on longer. But, the easiest way and indeed the best way is to purchase products that are long lasting as well as a good setting spray is a must if you want it to stay even longer.

1. Foundation

  • Apply primer and/or moisturiser before applying Foundation. First apply moisturiser and after that apply primer.
  • Use a powder to set the Makeup and to make it stay.

2. Lip color

  • Apply moisturiser or lip balm before applying lipstick or lip gloss.
  • Lip primers or a light coat of concealer as a base are also helpful.

3. Eye Makeup

  • Applying primer before applying eye shadow would be helpful in making eyeshadow stay for longer.

4. Highlighter

  • If you apply liquid highlighter first and then use a powder highlight, chances are it would stay for longer.

5.  Nail paints 

  • Apply double coats of nail paint.
  • A finishing coat should be applied after the nail paint.


So these were few ways you can make your Makeup products to stay on for longer time.


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