3 lessons you can learn from your Mistakes

Every person, even those we consider perfect ones like our teachers make mistakes. Mistakes happen everyday, everytime. But, the best ones are those from which we learn something.

Each time we make mistakes, we observe that the next time in similar situations, it comes in our mind like a warning – Don’t do it, forgot what happened that day?

Sometimes we feel bad and think why the hell this happened, why am I prone to making mistakes. This happens right?

Mistakes are simply a crash course to teach you what you did not learn earlier. 

Learn from your Mistakes


Its good as you are getting to know where you are gonna go wrong in future. So when you are finally in battlefield, you would have already faced them. You will know what to do when you encounter with something like that.

I have, probably all of you too have heard people say “You were a mistake!”. But then who said mistakes are bad? Maybe most of them are but you can’t really say the “outcome”  is always bad.

When you say “I won by luck”, or sometimes “You by mistake didn’t make a mistake” . These are basically the better type of mistakes that go unseen, unobserved and the credit goes to your “luck”.

1. Things are temporary – Everytime you make a mistake, you gradually observe after a few days that everything is fine.

A mistake isn’t permanent, time heals everything, whatever is still left behind is only in your head.

2. Mistakes repeat themselves until you finally learn from them– Your mistakes will repeat themselves until you learn from them, until you understand that yes, it was wrong to do that, this shouldn’t happen again, the consequences of this mistake may be even worse, this has to be taken care about next time.

What happens is if you ignore it, you would gradually forget the lesson, and would do that again and next time it may cost you more. Until you learn, you will do that again and again.

3. They help you slay at your tasks – When you know what can go wrong, what all you need to avoid further in your upcoming tasks, everything becomes easier.

When you are a beginner, you are more likely to make mistakes.

But when you get more experienced in something, you are already aware of the mistakes that beginners make generally.

So, you would obviously be more practical and more aware and the chances of the success of that particular task are higher than ever.


At last I want to say, treat them  as you treat a teacher, they scold you for your own good.

Similarly, Mistakes happen not to get you in a bad situation, but to save you from a bigger one which may happen in future.


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