Things you should do to write better Blog posts!

I have been thinking about how can I make my Blog posts better and better each time. I have observed few things that actually prove to be helpful. To write better Blog posts from now on, I decided to get points noted down somewhere but then I thought why not share them as a Blog post!!


So ya, I have these points I believe will help in writing better Blog posts!

1. After writing the post, read from the starting again and try to add some more points, more information that come to your mind, find the errors and rectify them.

2. Synonyms -When going through the post, try to use better words, the words that seem better to read, that mean the same but give better impact.

3. Use bold and italic tags so that the content gets easier to read. Also, line breaks are important. A whole paragraph would seem difficult to read.

4. Write only when you feel like, on the topic you are interested in. Sometimes when you are just not in a mood to write, the posts does not come out as finer as it can otherwise.

5.Write everyday as the more you write, the better you would get. Also, this will help making Blogging a habit.

6.Make reading a habit as reading more and more would help in getting more ideas about writing as well as improve vocabulary.
So these are few points you may follow to write better Blog posts.

Have anything to ask, share or comment, your thoughts are welcomed at the comment section.


  1. All of them are important pointers?? totally swear by the fourth one! Sometimes I used to be like let me write something since I haven’t posted for long but half hearted post never turned out to be good and ultimately I won’t post it!

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