Questions about finding your GOAL!

What is something that you will label as your ultimate goal? Don’t know exactly how to find it? I think the questions I just wrote would be helpful in finding your goal or will be helpful for you to realise your goal.

Q1.What would you love to do right now?

->Try to look for something that can go as a career.

Go for the questions below considering the Goal you found in Question 1.


Q2. Would you love to do this even after a years later?

->  If you really love to do something, your answer would be yes because you obviously can’t see yourself getting bored from that.


Q3.Will you love to do that even when you know you are not getting paid or simply its not something like in your syllabus or a part of your daily routine?


Q4.Is there something you love more than this?

-> Ofcourse something related to career and if you do, maybe look for that.


Q5.Do you want to become that? Are you going to feel proud afterwards?

->Is your inner voice telling you that even if everyone else rejects it, you would know it is right for you, and you would somewhere think they are stupid to say that instead of doubting your choice?

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