5 different ways to use a Makeup HIGHLIGHTER!!

Being true I didn’t knew about highlighters few months ago. Actually I knew but I didn’t know that they are an important part of Makeup, they can give amazing look to the face. Now I know that Makeup is incomplete without highlight so my first Highlighter is the one I got just few months before.

The highlighter I have is the Makeup Revolution Pro Illuminate. Its a highly pigmented, affordable, drugstore highlighter and give dewy look to the face. It can be used daily as well as on special occasion as if you apply more color, it gives better pigmentation. 

I don’t apply makeup daily so when I do, I surely apply it on special occasions only as I think it gives a good glow but is not natural.

The post isn’t about the Makeup Revolution Highlighter. Any highlighter you have can be used in different ways I mentioned below. 

1.As a face highlighter. This is what it is actually supposed to be used as. 

2.Mixing with foundation would give an illuminating effect to your face. It won’t be looking bad as you apply face powder after that so it goes matt. Take care of the color of Highlighter you are using for this purpose.

3.For lips – To make lips look glossy or shiny, you can use some highlighter after applying the lip color on the lips. 

4.Mix with your lotion and this would give your body a dewy or shiny look.

      5.Apply it above eyeshadow. This would make eyes look even more beautiful.

      So these were few different ways you can use your Makeup Highlighter. 

      Your questions or thoughts are welcomed at the comment section. 


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