When you can’t find INSPIRATION..!

Not going to go round and round and then explain what to do when you are uninspired. This post is going to be as uncomplicated as it can.


If you can’t find inspiration anywhere, you can realise it within yourself. Appear doubtful but this works every single time. You have some goals (the bigger ones specially), those goals tell something about you, about your area of interest, about your life.

The word “Goal” itself reflects a deep-seated will to achieve something. So go in that direction, you will surely find so much to get Inspired about.

Taking an example if someone has the goal to be a Doctor, that person would do it with whole-heartedly. Although the word “goal” may be manipulated.

The goal should not be something you have to achieve, it should be something you want to achieve.

So if you can’t see your goal being enough to inspire, recheck it once.

If you still can’t find inspiration, create it! Create something you know you will get inspired from/with. Looks dubious? Okay, if you have a role model, chances are higher you would love to follow them, the purpose is to see what they did and then creating another version of it according to the situation of your life.

Do something you know you are going to feel awe-inspiring afterwards.

I hope this post helps. Thank you.

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