Before you give up…!

Before you give up, ask yourself that is it really that difficult? Is it true that you can’t do it? Was the main issue about you, that you just didn’t give your best? Are you really going to give up on something you can still work on and slay? Are you giving up on something you shouldn’t, on something which is important for you? Are you just trying to escape from the hard work you require to put on?

 You are not supposed to give up. Why? Because you started it with a purpose, and if you give up now, all the hard work would get wasted, next time it will be harder to start again. And above all, you are telling yourself that hey… you are not worth it. Or maybe no, you can’t. 
Its obviously important to stop on something you know you can’t do, or you know is not worth doing. But the point isn’t this. The point is about your goal. Some plans won’t work, you need to stop wasting your time on that but not give up on your goal. 

So before you give up, remember that if you will give your best, with the thinking that you “have to” do it, you will. So instead of giving up, give up your thought that you can’t.

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