From sad to happy…!|Beat the bad mood.

No need to worry about bad mood days if you can figure out what makes you happy. Given below are few ideas that I think will be helpful.

  • Play with your pet.
  • Go on facebook and stalk people you know, or knew. ?
  • Sing a song.
  • Why not research on some topic you are actually interested in? This will distract you from whatever is bothering you.
  • Watch a funny video or some talk shows(maybe watch videos from ellen show).
  • Bring out your photo albums and refresh your childhood memories.
  • Exercise, or dance.
  • Make your videos, use apps like dubsmash, funimate etc.
  • Listen to songs you love. No need to play sad songs.
  • Talk to a friend, or someone you are really comfortable with.
  • Eat something tasty (like chocolates), maybe order a pizza, or something else. You may even make it yourself.
  • Have a live video chat with a friend or relative.
  • Play a game(outdoor or indoor anything).
  • Take photographs of things around or just take selfies.
  • Go for a movie, shopping, or just for a walk with/without someone with you.

    If you have anything to ask or share, comment below.


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