Reasons you should start a BLOG

Why to start a Blog? How is Blogging something you should be doing ? Writing Blog posts from about 3 months now, I found many reasons Blogging is something everyone, well atleast people who love to write should do. I mentioned a few of them below to motivate you to start a Blog, check them out !

Reasons you should start a Blog



1. To be able to express yourself.

Blogging is all about expressing yourself. So blogging will help you to be able to express yourself, to share your thoughts, your views, on whatever you want to, whatever way you like.


2. It will help you become a better writer.

Writing continuously will gradually make you a better writer. Doing something continuously makes you better at it, and it becomes easy to do that task.


3. To learn about yourself more.

 If you will write, you will get to know yourself more because you are putting your thoughts, all about you on your blog. So gradually, you will realise that as you “have to” write, you “have to think”. So, to write, you think, and since you think your way and write what you actually agree to, you basically get to know about yourself more.


4. For improving creativity.

You will become creative, as you will be creating posts, also add pictures and all, will be creative with words you use.


5. To get in touch with people around.

Ofcourse, the people will read what you write and comment when they feel like about your post, your blog and maybe contact you too. So this way you will get in touch with people around.


6. You will get to know more about what people like and what they dislike.

How people react to your posts, also through their comments, you will get an idea about what people actually like and what they don’t.


7. To become popular.

For those who want to be more popular, and want people to know them, should start a blog. This is an easy way to become popular!


8. You get to influence people.

If people like your ideas, or just get to learn something from you, you are basically influencing them. For example you write about a product, so this will influence their interest in purchasing or not purchasing the product. If you are writing about something inspirational, it will make them inspired.


9. Get to learn from people.

Ofcourse you will get to learn from your readers although through the comment section mostly. You can ask them for advice, for suggestions, maybe something else.


10. You will learn more about blog design

Since you will have a Blog, you will try to make it look more attractive, more reader friendly, the way you like. So, for that, you will have to work on the Blog design. This way you will get to learn how to design the Blogs and also about which applications or softwares are used.


11. For marketing your brand i.e. for business.

You can get more people to buy your products, to get to kmow about your business with the help of your blog.


12. For earning Money.

Blogging can be a good source to earn money too. But, if the only reason you have is to earn money, I think you shouldn’t start a Blog because the chances of the Blog to be successful are less in such cases. But, if you still start a Blog, write on the topic you love the most, you have knowledge about.


So these were some reasons to start a Blog. Tell me what you think in the comment section below. Maybe even share more reasons you have!


  1. Great post. I started for the reasons you stated basically, I wanted a platform to express myself and share ideas and thoughts with others 🙂
    I’m still a newbie, but I’ve definitely learnt lots since starting a few weeks ago 🙂

  2. You hit the nail on the head with this post. I write for a majority of the reasons you listed. I’ve been writing for about 3 months now as well and it’s so much fun!

    While I have monetized my blog, I mainly write to help others, express myself and meet new people.

    Blogging is alsoa great way to showcase your writing style to potential employers or clients if you’re a freelance writer.

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