L.A. Girl Foundation Review – Dewy, Illuminating Foundation

I have mentioned in a post earlier that I love the L.A. Girl Foundation so much that I would buy it again as soon as I use up my current bottle. So since its my favorite one, and I have used it many times, I decided to review it. The post is not sponsored.

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I love the packaging of this product as its not heavy, it is travel friendly. Also, the bottle has a pump with it which makes it easy to pump out the product. The bottle won’t break easily if fell down. Also, the bottle looks stylish, just like the Makeup Forever one.


I use the “Fair” shade which is actually darker for my skin tone. But still I love the Illuminating effect of this product so I am happy with this product. You need to take care about the shade as it may come out to be darker. So, refer to the swatches before purchasing. I think Porcelain shade is the lightest shade available. A white shade of Foundation is also available which is used to mix with the Foundation to make it go lighter. You may get that one too.


Its not that expensive as compared to other good quality HD Foundations as it costs only 10$ which is ok for a good high definition Foundation.


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Coverage of L.A. Girl foundation:

The product claims to give medium to full coverage. I don’t have any imperfection or mark on my skin so I don’t know if it will give a full coverage or not but yes, it will definitely give medium coverage. Only one coat is enough if you don’t have too many marks on the face.


It is clearly mentioned on the bottle that you need to apply it with the help of a sponze or a Makeup brush. I apply it with a beauty blender (a sponze).


You get 28 mL of the product. I think this product can last for 2 months for sure even if used daily.


  • It provides medium to full coverage.
  • It is an affordable product.
  • Easily available online.
  • Gives an illuminating effect to the skin.
  • Is long wear.
  • Very little amount is required.
  • Has a pump.
  • It is travel friendly.


  • It is somehow difficult to find perfect shade.
  • It may not suit people having extremely oily skin. Also, touchups are required after every few hours.

Will I buy this Foundation again?

Yes, I will buy it again but maybe different shade that will suit me more.
When it comes to rating this product overall, I will give it 9 out of 10 because it does what it claims. I did not give it a 10, because it gets oily on the skin and requires touch ups and this may not suit people who have extremely oily skin.

My observations and final thoughts:-

This foundation is more suitable for winter season as it gets quite oily in summers. To still use it in summers, you can mix it with some Matte foundation. I use it this way and it looks amazing.

Also, being a dewy foundation, you need to properly set it with powder.

So yeah, I think you should try this foundation once. Its affordable and it won’t dissapoint you. Atleast if its not hot outside, and your skin is not. too oily, you would love it.

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