Tips to look Beautiful without MAKEUP

I know most of the girls who are in a habit of doing makeup everyday have this thought in their mind that they won’t look this good without makeup. They actually start thinking that they look horrible without makeup and avoid being seen by anyone with no makeup. Why? They think they will question their beauty. They would be like she only looks good with makeup on and she is all fake! But is that true? Actually, doing makeup everyday obviously makes us look a lot more prettier than we do without makeup. Its not that without makeup we look bad or something but then we loose the confidence of going out without makeup.

You don't need Makeup to look Beautiful

In this post, I am going to give some tips to you about how to look beautiful without makeup not because you look bad without makeup, but because many people want to look without makeup ย as good as they looked with makeup.


11 Tips to look Beautiful without makeup :-


1. Take care of your hair

Hair play an important part for how we look. If the hair look good and healthy, you automatically look amazing. So, wash your hair with a good shampoo and conditioner so that you can avoid frequent hair washes, and don’t wash your hair everyday . Use a hair serum, avoid heat styling products, use a hair mask and get rid of split ends. Have a good hairstyle which suits you.

2. Keep your face clean and moisturised

Keep your skin clean. Wash your face everyday to get rid of germs that cause skin problems. Use a face wash according to your skin type (oily or dry ). You can use a scrub every week. Also, keep your face moisturised by using a good moisturiser or a face serum everyday.

3. Get rid of under eye circles/bags or puffy eyes or dark under eyes

Your eyes should not be full of under eye bags and all as it doesn’t look good, it looks like you are tired. Apply some coconut oil everyday under your eyes (while you are at home or at night). Wash your eyes, rather the whole face everyday, it will be better twice a day with cold or ice water. This will really help in reducing under eye bags. Use an under eye cream everyday.

4. Use face packs

You can use face packs every other day as they make skin feel fresh, clean, and benefit the skin. You better use a Fruit face wash.

5. Take care of lips

Keep your lips moisturised by using lip balm everyday. You can scrubย them by mixing some sugar in honey and rubbing slightly(don’t rub it hard). Another thing, I have heard people using a toothbrush and rub it on the lips after applying some honey or lip balm. It may work for you.

6. Get rid of face hair

Hair on the face except on the eyebrows? doesn’t look good specially on the upper lips. So, get them removed time to time. Or, just bleach them. And yes blackheads, get rid of them.

7. Keep your eyebrows in shape

Your eyebrows should always be on fleek. Use a eyebrow pencil to further enhance them and use a brush to smooth them out. Although, the eyebrow pencils are mostly waterproof, but you make sure they are just in case.

8. Acne, blemishes and face marks

Try to get rid of them or if you can’t, just have a concealer to hide them. For blemishes, use a neem face wash.

9. Use an eyelash curler

Since we are working on looking good without makeup, you can just use a eyelash curler to make eyes look good.

10. Wear a pretty outfit and use accessories

Wearing a good outfit will automatically make you look prettier and using accessories as well will further enhance your look.

11. Keep smiling

Applying the above points will make no effect if you don’t have a smile on your face. So keep smiling, its the best alternative to makeup. Yeah, keep your teeth clean !!(just adding what just came in my mind).


And its ok to use few makeup products if switching to a no makeup look seems a difficult one. I hope these points helped you. So lets slay no Makeup look!

For any questions, suggestions, anything, comment below.


  1. Great tips, but depending on your hair type washing your hair three days a week is not good for it. I only wash my hair once a week. And a lot of shampoos and conditioners on the market contain sulfates which strip your hair of its necessary natural oils, and conditioners contain silicones which do nothing but sit on the surface of your hair blocking any needed moisture from getting to your hair. I can’t tell you the last time sulfates or silicones touched my hair it has been that long.

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