Is being good looking important?

Yes, being good looking is important! But wait, what is your definition of “Good looking”? For me,  good looking is about being presentable, being properly dressed up, and looking your best.

Yes generally people say a person good looking because of a person’s physical beauty. But its their way of thinking, according to me, I call a person is good looking based on his/her way of presenting himself/herself. You cannot call a well dressed person a bad looking person.

Ofcourse being good looking is important, I have few reasons why. Have a read :-

  1. It makes us feel confident. If you look good, you feel good, and this makes us feel confident. Also, it makes us think positive.
  2. The first impression other people make about us is totally based on our looks and our body language.
  3. We can’t expect people to take us seriously if we are badly dressed up and haven’t taken care of our looks. Because it gives impression that we are here just because we have to, and are not actually interested. Don’t we try to look our best and presentable when we are interested for something?
  4. Assume you have to choose one person for some important work. Which one will you choose, the good looking one or the other one?(Good looking in my language is looking your best.) I would choose the former one. Reason? He looks more serious type and more reliable to me.

Ofcourse talking about good looking people, most of the time people take it on looks, I mean about physical beauty.

But no, I don’t agree that it is the basis of judging a person. Nobody does that atleast mature people don’t. Why? Really?  Okay, take about first impression, we have a amazing looking person  and on the other hand an average one, both are looking their best, are presentable and body language is good. You meet each one at the same time, and want to give a job or want to get some work done, will you actually find a difference? Will your first impression will be based on the beauty of the person?

Now come to relationships. Yes, you may have seen people falling for amazing looks, but at last they have to deal with personality. Personality may be good but then the chemistry doesn’t go. That’s another issue. Usually, intelligent people, or I must say mature people, don’t fall for physical beauty, but for personality, for how good a person has maintained himself/herself.

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  1. When someone feels good on the inside it usually shows on the outside. That’s “being good looking” for me.Even if their clothes are less expensive than others or their haircuts are not as fancy, self-confidence beats outer appearance any day.

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