6 reasons our DREAMS don’t come true!

Have you ever thought why your dreams don’t come true, ofcourse you did, I did. But why am I saying your dreams didn’t come true? I simply mean we have a lot of dreams, we do have but some come true and a lot of them don’t!

We have observed that many people give their 100% to get something, they try their best and still don’t get it.

Then what about the quotes we read here and there which say that dreams come true if you work, or make efforts, give your 100%? Okay, it depends on our destiny too, I agree, but what about that situation where we see that other person, who had no chance of winning, achieving what he/she desired, but could get it, where on the other hand we lost even after trying our best!

Ofcourse there are no rules to this, the points I am mentioning are what I believe, which I think are reasons in these situations which stops our dreams to become reality!

  1. We try to get our competitor down, instead of making ourselves better!
  2. Our path is wrong. We think this will work, and ignore all the better opportunities that try to reach us.
  3. We most of the time try to know what others did in the same situation. But this doesn’t ensure that the result of all the similar situations will be same.
  4. We don’t trust ourselves, even after doing all the hardwork, we let fear of failure conquer our mind. Most of the times how we think determines what we will get. We have always heard that think positive, positive will happen and vice-versa!
  5. Our dreams are unrealistic! So why people say that everything is possible?  Okay, unrealistic dream according to me is like for example if I think that I will learn 5 languages in one week!
  6. We assume that we don’t need to revise/practice or maybe recall. No matter how much hard work we did, but we lose just because the other person left no stones unturned. Who tried to improve his / her skills and tried to bring perfection in everything, every move.

I think these are few reasons which stops us in making our dreams into reality. Hope you like it.

If you have anything to ask, suggest or share, you are free to comment. Thank you 🙂


  1. Not saying that I accomplished any of my dreams yet, but I’d also add, that we don’t achieve them, because we give up. Giving 100% for some time is not enough. Giving 100% all the time is what it takes.
    I also believe some of us think: “now is not the right time”… Until there is no time left and only regret…
    xoxo Sarah

    1. I agree that giving up is a reason why our dreams don’t come true, but in my post I have focused on finding reasons where even after giving our 100%, we can’t reach our goal.
      You gave a really good point, but I tried to write some points that are not obvious, we can’t see them clearly.
      Thanks a lot for sharing your points and for supporting me ???
      Xoxo Neha??

  2. This was a great post to read, I have been thinking a lot about this kind of stuff and I also think a lot of it comes down to time and patience! I don’t believe anything is possible but I do believe that if you give yourself enough time to achieve something you want to do (and there is a slight chance it could come true) then it is 100% do-able! x

  3. This was a really interesting read and you hit on a lot of good points for sure. I think it’s all about commitment to a dream too, it’s easy for us to get disheartened when there’s a setback but it’s about continuing to try, which is difficult at times. Thanks for this! Very thought provoking x

  4. As you quoted “situation where we see that other person, who had no chance of winning, achieving what he/she desired, but could get it, where on the other hand we lost even after trying our best! – First thing is, no one have a right to decide that who deserve what as said that WHO HAD NO CHANCE OF WINNING, if he achieved it he/she deserve it. Secondly, if some one gives their 100% and don’t get what he desired for than as far as my experience is concern that 100% is not good enough. We need to set the bar of 100% little high. This philosophy leads negativity which is not good for success.

    I didn’t find any loop whole, as you said your post is open for views so It’s just my views as a professional motivational speaker & corporate trainer, Apart from that your efforts are appreciable and you are doing a great job. Keep posting good, world need positivity. BEST OF LUCK

    Saquib khan

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