How to save money on Makeup?

Makeup products are too expensive these days especially when you want the best quality products. So, to save money on Makeup I have mentioned a few points below which will definitely help you in saving a lot of money on Makeup.

  • Buy drugstore or cheap makeup dupes of high end products. This way you can get the same effect but in low price.
  • Check reviews before purchasing as this would reduce the chances of getting a bad product and you won’t need to spend money again to buy a better product. If possible, get a sample product first or just swatch the products before purchasing.
  • If you don’t go on with the same lip color (for instance) i.e. you need different colors everytime, you can buy a lip pallette instead of separate lip products as this will save a lot of money. Same goes with other products like eyeshadow. 
  • Try purchasing Makeup when they are on sale especially on a festival. And ya, buy from trusted place or website. 
  • Make sure you first finish off a product and then buy another. This way makeup products won’t expire, and your money will not get wasted.

    So these are a few ways you can save your money on Makeup without compromising with your Makeup routine. 

    Have more points, or anything else to say, comment below. 


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