6 uses of Coconut oil

Coconut oil can be used in many ways. Few of them I have mentioned below. Hope these help.

1. Under eye circles : You can use coconut oil to get rid of those under eye bags or circles/ puffy eyes. You just need to take little amount of coconut oil(a drop ), and apply that under the eyes.

2. Hair : It is a good hair oil to use, as it helps in making hair smooth and shiny. 

3. Lips : Have cracked lips, use coconut oil. 

4. Dry skin : If your skin is dry, coconut oil is the best thing to apply on the skin as it has no side effects and being an oil, it will definitely make skin soft and smooth.

5. Hair mask : It can be used for preparing a hair mask too. A simple hair mask can be prepared by mixing it with some lemon juice, or even yoghurt. 

6. For removing Makeup : Your makeup remover got finished?  No need to worry, you can apply some coconut oil on your face, gently swipe off from the face and then clean the face with a face wash. 

So these were a few ways you can use the coconut oil. Have any questions, or anything to ask, you can comment below. Thank you.


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