How to not to be lazy!

I know we get lazy most of the times, and its mainly because of our gadgets especially our mobile phones. Its ok to get lazy sometimes but I think many times it just goes out of control. So to get you out of this, I have some tips below. 

  1. Self – discipline  – The main reason of this laziness is lack of discipline. You can set a goal and work accordingly, or make a time table. You have to stick to what you decide, about what work has to be done and the rules of this are not to waste your time by being lazy. 
  2. Keep your gadgets away – Its the crucial step because these gadgets are most of the times to be held responsible for our laziness. If you watch television, set a time for it and stick to it. Also, remove all those games and apps you have in your phone which you are addicted to.
  3. Stay away from your bed – I am not saying stay away from your bed always, ofcourse you are going to sleep there at night. If you are studying, working or doing anything on your bed, you will gradually start feeling like sleepy, and get lazy, so stay away from it until its time to sleep.
  4. Take good diet – If you will skip your meals, your energy level will go down and you obviously would not be able to give your best in whatever you do, and end up feeling lazy.
  5. Take proper rest – Your body need rest, you can’t expect that you will be able to work more without feeling tired if you don’t take proper rest. Many a times, people keep awake till midnight, on their phone or laptop or just working and then complain being sick or tired in the morning.

So these are some points which may help you to kick off your laziness and change your life. Hope these points helped.

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  1. Great post…and, you are so right…especially about getting out of bed. When I wake up in the morning, I would do well to get right out of bed–otherwise, it’s so tempting/easy to find excuses to enjoy its comforts for an extra 10 minutes–which into 20…then, it’s a mad dash to get ready for work 🙂 Also, I loved your “About” page 🙂 Thanks for sharing 🙂

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