6 Simple ways to get Hair Volume

Who doesn’t want voluminuous looking hair?  There are some ways you can get volume in your hair easy way. Few of them I mentioned below :- 

  1. Braid your hair before going to sleep – Braiding hair makes them get curls which automatically makes them look thicker. You can try different types of braids, the less hair you take while braiding, more curly they will get. You can apply hair gel before braiding.
  2. Appling dry shampoo in the night before sleeping can result in increased volume of your hair.
  3. Use a hair volume shampoo and conditioner – Using a hair volume shampoo will be helpful as these products are meant for volume.You can also use hair volume spray.
  4. Use rollers – You may use heat rollers also, but its a big no from my side as its true you will get faster curls, maybe prettier curls this way, but it is damaging for your hair.
  5. Hair dryer – Using a hair dryer to dry wet hair makes hair voluminuous. Also, there are some hair dryer techniques for volume you can try.
  6. Layer cut or some other hair cut like step cut makes hair look more thicker. Also, getting a haircut gets your hair rid of split ends and hence results in  healthier hair.

So these were some ways which can help you in getting voluminuous looking hair. For any questions, anything comment below.


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