How to get rid of under eye bags / circles

Its like a nightmare when you wake up and get to see dark circles or under eye bags while checking yourself in the mirror. 

Why do these bags or circles appear on the face?

  • Working for long time in front of Tv or Mobile, Laptop or any other screen may be causing you dark circles.
  • Maybe due to ageing.
  • Waking up for too long.
  • Because of strain on your eyes (maybe when your eye sight gets weak and you still try to read something).
  • Maybe you are applying eye makeup improperly, or not using clean product or maybe eyeliner brush.

Now, how to get rid of these under eye bags  / circles?

  • You can apply an under eye cream.
  • Take some cotton pads, dip them in cold water and gently apply on your eyes.
  • Wash your face at least 3 times in the day with cold water, this will surely help.
  • Apply some coconut oil, very little amount under your eyes.
  • You may even apply some rose water twice a day.

I think these points are enough, and they will surely help you in getting rid of under eye bags / circles. Hope it helped!

For any questions, more ideas or anything else, comment below.


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