No more bad hair days

We all have bad hair days when sometimes we don’t take care of our hair, don’t wash them properly and end up waking one day with not so good looking hair. Sometimes, it happens without any reason. But whatever the reason is, why should we let a bad hair day affect our mood? So, I have a few simple yet effective ideas.


1. Dry shampoo – A dry shampoo is always a life saver on a bad hair day. You just need to spray it on your hair, comb them and you are done. No more frizzy hair.


2A Hat – No one will know you have a bad hair day if you wear a cute hat. It may even make you look more prettier and attractive.


3High pony – Making a high pony is very easy and takes very less time. A high pony is always in trend.


4. Hair bun – There are so many hair bun styles to choose from and they look classy. Messy buns are in trend nowadays.


5.Braiding –  Braiding your hair will give you a prettier look. Also, you can braid your hair in many ways, you will surely find the one you love.


6Accessories – Wear hair accessories like hair bands, clips, clutchers, pins, beads and a lot more. And yes, I don’t mean wear all of them at once.


7Rollers – Get curly hair by using rollers, but since it takes time, you may either use hot rollers or just wet your hair and roll them on with the help of your rollers and dry the rolled hair.


8. Hair extensions – You can even use hair extensions. This way, you can get any hair color you want.


So, lets slay the bad hair days just like everytime. Hope these points help, if you have more ideas share with us. Thank you.


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