7 different ways to use an Eyeshadow Pallette

You know, the eyeshadow pallette you own can be used in many different ways. Few of the uses you may already know, lets check out more!

Different ways to use an Eyeshadow Pallette :-


1. Eyes

Eyeshadow pallette is, as the name suggests meant for eye makeup. So, you can use different shades to create different looks, and get creative with it.


2. Highlighter

Did you just finished off your highlighter, and now don’t have any? Why not use the lighter shades (white one specially) of your eyeshadow pallette(shimmery ones) and use as a highlighter?


3. Bronzer

The brownish shades of your pallette will work as a bronzer, you just need to blend it properly after applying.


4. Face art

There are so many colors in your pallette, they can be used for face art.


5. Eyebrow

The black shade and even brown one can be used as eyebrow color, to shape your eyebrows and/or just to make them darker. If you use it, you can apply makeup setting spray after applying to make it stay.


6. Lips

Just mix the color you want on your lips with some lip balm/ petroleum gelly and apply it to your lips. It will work as  a diy lip balm.


7. Blush

Your pallette has colors which will even work as a blush. Use the pink or reddish shade as your blush. You can even use it by mixing it with some foundation and then apply.


So I listed 7 ways your eyeshadow pallette can be used. Have anything to share or ask, comment below!


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