How to make people laugh? | Lets spread Happiness!

Laughing is good for us, it makes us feel good, we forget all the bad moments we had and all the negative thoughts atleast for sometime. The people who laugh a lot and are happy in their lives are able to handle stress or any problem comparatively easily.

So how to laugh? People these days watch funny videos, shows or some even do laughing exercises. But, out of all the ways to make yourself happy, to laugh, the best way is to make others laugh, because laughing is good, so since its good for everyone, you should do that. I think I convinced you, but I want to convince you more.


Why is it good to make others laugh?

  • Laughing alone is boring. Isn’t it?
  • People may think you are stupid if they see you laughing alone because they don’t know the reason. 
  • Its very easy to find some funny reasons to laugh when you have someone with you. 
  • People like people who have a good sense of humour, who can make them laugh. They will love you.
  • Laughing faces look good, so you may get some compliments?
  • It costs nothing but you will make another person laugh, you will make someone’s day almost doing nothing.
  • Its an easy way to escape stress.

Now as we know why its a good thing, lets see how to make people laugh:-

  1. Make funny faces! Anyone can do that as its easy and fun.
  2. Crack a joke. Any joke you read, anywhere. Warning – If that joke is not funny and very silly, you may get a punch! and ya, if its too common, no one will laugh, except you.!
  3. Show them a funny video, you can even do the “Try not to laugh challenge”.
  4. Dance but in a funny way as if you have never danced in your life.
  5. Try to act like someone people already know, or act like someone you know is very funny. You can try to copy a funny character of a movie you watched.
  6. Share some funny moments of your life. Everyone has funny past experiences from their life, you can share them.
  7. Compliment them, but give a funny reason for the compliment.
  8. Walk in a funny manner. 
  9. Take a funny selfie and show them?
  10. Laugh at yourself. 


So these were a few funny ways you can make some not so funny people laugh. And don’t overdo that, they don’t need a stomach ache. I know I missed many ideas, I am keeping them on you. Because I think we don’t need ideas or a list to make someone laugh, our intention matters, because making people laugh is what everyone can do.

Do you have more funny ideas, or any funny experience, I would love to know. Thank  you…


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