5 Good reasons to be happy :)

Having a bad day, or bad mood or something seems bad? We all have these days right? Sometimes it seems like everything is falling apart, we feel like we don’t belong here anymore, or certain thoughts start visiting our minds which make us feel like no one cares about us. Why does this happens everytime, how many bad days will I have to see, all other people are so happy and look at me, I am the saddest person alive and so on.

Is that day or phase of your life really that bad? It isn’t, but it seems like it is because we allow those negative vibes or thoughts come to our mind. We stop thinking and start assuming, we forget that problems come in everyone’s life. And above all, we just forget there are so many reasons to be happy, no matter what, whatever we are going through, whatever we are feeling.

So lets list up 5 reasons which we have to remember on our bad days, rather we should keep them in our mind everytime.


  1. Some people don’t even have what you have – Some people are not blessed with what you have, they got problems a lot bigger than you are facing. There are people who are happy and not complaining, who love their life, without complaining, without comparing, but are still thankful.
  2. There is someone who really care for you – There will always be someone who cares for you no matter what. Who knows that you are right, who will be there for you, who has always wished good for you. If you think no one cares, you are actually insulting the feelings of that person.
  3.  You are special, no one like you exists – Everyone is special and everyone is different, don’t feel upset at any phase of your life and remember that no one is like you, you are special in your own way, you are good enough alone, your existence matters just like other people.
  4. You deserve to be happy – Every human being deserve to be happy no matter what, no one can snatch your happiness from you. You shouldn’t give anyone right to make you feel bad and take away your pretty smile from you.
  5. You are alive – How can you forget that your existence is the best reason you should be happy. We all know nothing happens without a reason, there is a reason why you are alive, you have to go a long way, so why not be happy and spend time smiling and making other people smile.

I told you there are so many reasons to be happy and I mentioned really few, only five. There are more than million reasons to be happy, so keep that smile on your face everytime, as it makes you look prettier, wear it just like you wear makeup.

Happiness is not the absence of problems, it’s the ability to deal with them. – Steve Maraboli


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