Razor Burns Prevention and Treatment

We all know getting rid of unwanted hair on skin is a messy thing. There are many different ways of getting rid of them nowadays like waxing, hair removal creams, razors and a lot more. But out of all these hair removal ways, using Razors is a very cheap, easy and painless alternative. Ofcourse its a painless way but we all know that if razors are used incorrectly it may result in razor burns. So to avoid these razor burns, we need to follow some tips or we can say there are a few preventions to razor burns we need to follow. Some of them I am listing down below.


Razon burns Prevention:

1. Throw away old Razors.

You should throw the old razors and replace them if they get rusty.

2. Keep the skin exfoliated.

Keep your skin exfoliated specially before you use a razor and even if you are done with hair removal. Its an important point.

3. Do not shave everyday.

If you will keep shaving your skin everyday, you will eventually start getting razor burns as you are removing the skin cells everyday which at some time will result in burns.

4. Keep your razor clean.

Your razor should be clean everytime you use it. Also, do not share your razor with anyone else, have a separate razor. For increasing life of the razor, dip it in some alcohol.

5. Never dry shave.

Dry shave? By dry shave I mean not applying anything on your skin before using razor i.e. a shaving cream or anything. Always use a shaving cream. Some people suggest using a hair conditioner instead of shaving cream.

6. Shave in the direction of hair growth. 

Shaving in the direction of hair growth is preferable as the hair soften up(they seem ) and if used in opposite direction, the hair are forced to break as we are going against the hair growth which is not a correct method of hair removal with razor.

7. Apply Moisturising Lotion after shaving.

Always apply a moisturising lotion(its preferable if you use lotion which is meant to use on sensitive skin) after hair removal, it will be better if you first soak the area with cold water and then apply moisturiser. You can even apply some aloe vera.

8. Keep changing razor blades.

Your razor blades should be changed after just a few uses. Like after about 2-3 times uses.


Treatment for Razor Burns:

-> Apply Apple cider vinegar or some tea tree oil over the affected area.


So in order to prevent razor burns, these points will surely help you. If you have more points to share, or any question or anything, you can comment below.


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