The correct order to apply Makeup – A beginner’s Guide

Makeup is an Art as it involves creativity. If it looks good on you, then its good. So there is no particular correct order to apply Makeup. Still, some sequence of steps are usually followed. This helps in avoiding mistakes to a great extent.

This list is especially for the beginners or those who have never tried Makeup themselves.

Correct order to apply Makeup

The correct order to apply Makeup :-

1. Eyeshadow and Eyebrow makeup 

Many people skip Eyeshadow especially when they are going for a complete natural look. But if you want to apply Eyeshadow, apply it before you go for anything else.

It is applied first so that even if it spreads on your face, you can easily clean it. 

Also, you should do your Eyebrow before only so that even if you mess it up, you can easily correct it.


2. Primer

Apply Primer after your Eyeshadow and Eyebrow is done. You need a Primer to make your skin even and smoother. Apply it in a circular motion with light hand.

Choose a good primer, you can also use a Moisturiser but for better look you will need a Primer. You can even use both. If you do, use Moisturiser first. If you have dry skin, Moisturiser is recommended.


3. Foundation

After Primer, apply your foundation. It should match your skin shade, you can apply it on your face with your hands or use a brush or maybe a makeup applicator sponze . Apply it evenly on your face.

Don’t forget to blend it properly on your face. You can go for a Matte or Dewy Foundation. You can even mix both of them.


->If you use any cream Contour Products, use it after step 3 or step 4.


4. Concealer

Now apply a Concealer of either the same shade as that of your foundation or a shade lighter.

Apply it under the eyes, on the face marks and areas of your face you want to Highlight. Blend it properly.

Concealer can also be used as Eyeshadow base.


5. Powder

You can either use a Compact powder or Translucent powder to set your Makeup. Always use a brush or some sponze to apply.

Do not apply a lot of powder, just enough amount to set your Makeup. In summers its better suggested to apply a translucent powder.

You can also Bake your powder. After you are done with Concealer, apply a lot of Translucent powder on the Concealed area. Do not blend. Leave it for few minutes, now blend it with a Brush. Its called baking as the powder sets the Makeup with the heat of the face.


6. Eyeliner and Mascara

Now you can apply your Eyeliner and Mascara, and eyelashes also if you want.

You can use a Eyelash Curler to curl your eyelashes before using Mascara. Apply only one coat of Mascara as applying more coats will make your eyelashes not look natural.

If you are applying two coats, just don’t wait for the 1st coat to dry, apply two coats simultaneously.


7. Lip Makeup

Now you can do your Lip makeup as you want, you better use a lip liner before applying a lipstick or lipgloss and your lip pencil should match the lip color.

If you want your Lip color to stay for longer, use a Matte Lip color instead of glossy ones.


8. Blush and/or Bronzer

Give your cheeks some color to enhance them. Do not overdo that, just apply little amount, use a good brush to apply. Bronzer is used to give a contour effect to your face and the Blush enhances your cheeks.

Always apply these with Brushes otherwise they can look made up.


9. Highlighter

Now you can highlight your face. Use highlighter brush to apply it. Apply it slightly above your cheeks, on your chin, a slight amount above your lips and yes on the tip of your nose.

You can use a liquid Highlighter or a Powder one. You can even use both. First use the Liquid one and put some powder highlighter above it. This can be helpful for those who want it to stay for longer time.


10. Setting Spray

At last spray a Makeup setting spray to set your Makeup. This way it will stay in place and it would stay for a longer period of time.


This is the Correct order to apply Makeup. If you have anything to share, you can comment below.


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