How to stop comparing yourself to others?

Comparing yourself with another person is basically insulting what you are, its like looking at other person’s good points and ignoring yours. Don’t people compare in good sense too? I think no because a person who is satisfied with what he/she has, don’t find the need to compare with someone else. Now, it doesn’t mean that those who compare are not going great in their lives, it simply means those people are just not looking at the “good” in their lives. Even when you compare by being like I have this, and that person doesn’t, I am better than that person or something like that, it may seem like a good way of comparison but it is actually like trying to prove yourself or others that look I am better. This doesn’t seem good either.

To know how to stop comparing yourself, you should know why you do that at the first place.

Why do people compare themselves with other people?

● Maybe because they are insecure about something(maybe their looks, body, or something else).

●They have always been compared by their friends, family or someone else. So, now they also think like that.

How to stop comparing yourself to others?

Ignore all the negative thoughts – Negative thoughts will come to your mind everytime, but you don’t have to accept them. Replace them with the positive thoughts by thinking about something positive, by changing your perspective and looking at the good in every bad situation. When one is focusing on negatives in ones life, he/she will gradually start comparing and find other people’s life more appealing.

■  Realise that their journey is different  – They are working for something else, are going to achieve something else, lessons learned are different, goals, decisions, everything is different, they are good at something, but you are good at something else. You know a lot about one topic, they know about something else.  So, what is it you are comparing for?  By comparing yourself, are you trying to have individual people, with same life, same story, but with different looks?

So these were few ways you can stop comparing yourself to others and start respecting your uniqueness. If you have any questions, suggestions or something else to say, you can comment below.