What Ifs and Repentance

What ifs are a state of confusion. Thinking about what will happen if this was the case or something else is/was done.

The what ifs here are about past. The decision that was taken in past that we repent. This may make onr feel like he/she could take the other decision which may or may not be what was expected.

I am sure everyone has their list of what ifs and the things they regret. It can be short but there is one.

There are situations, where we let life happen even when want different results. Its just that action could be taken but nothing was done. And gradually one realises its too late.

Repentance is not cushy. It sometimes create a fear, one can create vows in life that would further create another regret.

What we can now do is to know ourselves, and do what we want to. Not what situations or ego make us do. Whenever you are in doubt, think about future and ask yourself if this isn’t done, will you repent later? And you will know what to do.

The past repents and these what ifs fade with time. Some of them can’t be fixed but something can still be done about others. Late but yeah, its better late than never.


Beauty tips for a Flawless Makeup Base

Your Makeup should enhance your features not something that looks made up. If your Makeup base is not great, you just cannot fix it further. So, I have mentioned below few beauty tips for flawless Makeup base. Make sure you follow them all.

Follow these Beauty tips for a Flawless Makeup base :-

1. Start with a Primer or a Moisturiser – You need to apply a Primer or a Moisturiser on your face before using anything else. This is because chances are that your skin may be dry at some parts of the face and may be fine otherwise. Hence, it may look uneven.

You can use either a Primer or a Moisturiser. You can even use a BB cream, a serum, face lotion, or even oil. If you are using oil, make sure its meant for face.


2. Always blend your Foundation – Blending Foundation is a must. If you won’t, it may look made up or whitish. It may seem fine otherwise but chances are this may look bad in photos or in sunlight.

You can use a beauty blender, a foundation brush or even a silicon sponge. Always use Foundation that match your skin color.


3. If you use a Sunscreen, it should not be of a really high SPF – Products having high SPF tend to make face look whitish. So you need to use products with low SPF.


4. Do not overuse any product – Using a product more than required won’t make it look prettier, it would just ruin it more.

So, for flawless Makeup base, use at most two coats of Foundation. If it doesn’t cover everything, using a Concealer will solve this issue.


5. Don’t apply too much of Face powder – Too much of anything is bad, same goes with Face powder as well. Use face powder that is enough to cover the whole face, but don’t overdo that. Also, apply it in a dabbing motion. You don’t have to mix it with the cream products on your face.


6. Use clean Makeup blenders and/or Brushes – The Makeup brushes or sponges/blenders everything should be clean. If you won’t, the Makeup sitting on these brushes or sponges would mess  up with the product you are applying with them.


7. Always apply Makeup on a clean face – And the most important step is that your face has to be clean and exfoliated. You can use a face scrub or a face wash for this purpose.


I believe the beauty tips mentioned above if followed, would give you a perfect flawless Makeup base. If you have anything to ask or share, comment below.


Sephora Eyelash Curler

Sephora Recourbe-cils Eyelash curler Review

I have been using the Sephora Recourbe-cils Eyelash curler from about a month now. I got this from Sephora a month back and since then, I use it daily.

About the product:-

It gives an instant curl to the eyelashes. It has an ergonomic handle for ultra-precise curling action(as written on the box). There are also 2 protective refill pads for extended use with the curler.

Sephora Eyelash Curler

What this product claims?

Now lets have a look what this product claims to do. It says that this Eyelash curler would give the eyelashes an instant perfect curve or curl.

Does it do what it says?

Yes, it does give an instant perfect curl to the eyelashes. After applying mascara, its clearly visible that it curls the eyelashes perfectly.


  • It gives an instant curl to eyelashes and is easy to use.
  • You won’t lose eyelashes as it is not hard on the eyelids.
  • You get two protective refill pads for extended use.
  • The product is of good quality so you won’t need to buy another eyelash curler for a really long time.


  • It is expensive, other curlers do the similar thing according to me.

Do I recommend this to you?

Yes, I think its a good quality Eyelash Curler, so you can buy this as being a good quality product, it would remain with you for very long time until you lose it.

While rating this Eyelash curler, I would give it a 9 out of 10. The only issue is that its quite expensive for an Eyelash Curler.

If you have anything to ask or share, comment below.

Reasons you are never happy with your Makeup look!

No matter how good one is with Makeup, some things if are not cared about can be a reason you are not happy with how your Makeup looks. Which one is your reason from the reasons mentioned below?

■While doing Makeup, you imagine to look like someone but then you don’t look like that as and when you finish with ypur Makeup.



■You think like your Makeup products are not that good, there are better ones in the market.



■You try to copy other people’s looks and choose those colors and Makeup formulas that you aren’t comfortable with.



■You don’t apply Moisturiser or Primer before putting on everything else as applying makeup on dehydrated skin or on dry skin is something you shouldn’t do.



■You apply too much of everything. Too much of any Makeup product doesn’t make it look better. This will only ruin it.



So these are the possibilities that you may not be happy with your Makeup look. If you have anything to ask or share, comment below.

Tips to write better Blog posts Infographic

5 ways to write better BLOG POSTS

The best way to get more followers, to get more readers, to make a good mark in this blogging world is to write good posts or content.

You can get followers in many ways but you can’t earn likes, or I should say “Real followers” who really like your content and who actually appreciate your work and want to know more about you.

In this post, I am going to mention few simple yet effective ways or you can say tricks which will help you in writing better blog posts. The main focus is on creating better blog content.

Tips to write better Blog posts Infographic

1. Original content – Always keep this in practice that whatever you are writing should be your own content, it should not be something you copied from somewhere. Its acceptable that you visited some other blogs or any website or maybe watched few youtube videos to know more about that particular topic but then you should write everything in your own language, what you understood from that, also add your points to it but don’t copy.


2. Write the way you talk – The way you explain yourself, the use of words, the explanation you give when you are talking to someone, if you write the same words, you would see how better your blog posts go.


3. Read before posting to make sure there are no spelling mistakes or any other mistake – If the content has spelling mistakes or lines which have not been ended properly, or maybe the heading does not match the content, the readers would get a bad impression and they won’t take you seriously.


4. Write on topics which you have knowledge about – Choose to write on only those topics you have knowledge about, you should give good content, about what people can rely, which can help people, which you know is correct.

When you don’t have knowledge about something, there are high chances of writing wrong content.


5. Explain all the points or the topic you are explaining thoroughly – Whatever has been mentioned in your post, you should explain yourself that why is it true or why you are encouraging this.

Give your point of view so that the readers would understand your perspective. If, for example you are writing a review of a product, tell them why do you think its bad or if its great, then why.


So these were a few ways I think will help you to write good content. 

If you have anything to share, ask, suggest, you can comment below.

My Makeup preferences!

These days many different Makeup products have been introduced with different Formulas, so we all have some Makeup preferences. Mine are shared below.

Foundation– I prefer dewy or Illuminating ones and not matte. My all time favorite is the L.A. Girl Foundation as I love how it feels on the skin. I love matte ones if they are not drying on the skin. But what I am most comfortable is the dewy ones.

Also I like the Foundation in Mousse form as its easy to apply as well as looks super natural.

Concealer– I don’t use concealer neither have any.

Lip color – When its about lip color I love matte ones(but not in summers as its drying on lips), although I apply a light coat of lip gloss after that. I prefer reddish colors because I think they suit me a lot and after applying lip gloss, they don’t look dramatic.

I usually use a lip balm(reddish pink) from Maybelline for daily use.

Eyeliner – I use liquid eyeliners as I am more comfortable with them as compared to pencil ones because they glide on really easily.

Mascara – I just apply one coat of Mascara and have a curling mascara from Maybelline as it looks really good. And I don’t like applying more than one coat, so I use a curler first.

Bronzer – I have the Lakme sun kissed Bronzer. However I don’t use it everyday but when I apply Makeup, I do use it.

Primer – I don’t use Makeup primer. I use a Bb cream instead. Sometimes I use a moisturiser.
So yeah these are my “Makeup preferences”. Do share yours! Comment below.

How to increase BLOG TRAFFIC?

Blogging involves hardwork, and it takes time to build good content regularly. So Bloggers should make the most out of it and there are some ways to achieve that. Few of them have been mentioned below :-


1. Social Media :-

Talking about Blog traffic, the most important and easiest thing to do is sharing posts on various social media platforms. No matter how awesome your content is, if you won’t share, the content won’t reach the people it could if you had shared your posts. So don’t forget to share. The top Social media platforms are

Facebook – You should have a Facebook page for your Blog so that it can reach people from Facebook and it becomes easy for your readers to share the posts they like.

Twitter – On Twitter, the content can actually go viral if it gets good amount of retweets. And to achieve this, using catchy headlines as well as images is necessary.

Google Plus – You should also use google plus.

There are many other Social media sites like Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest etc which you can use for your Blog to get lots of visitors.

2. Make your posts Search Engine Friendly:-

Using lots of tags doesn’t help rather it goes opposite, but using the right tags (the words that have been talked about most in the blog post, around which the content goes around, has been used atleast more than once in your post) will definitely get the content mentioned on search engines. Although many other factors are also involved. For this purpose many SEO tools are available that can help the posts to be Search engine friendly.

3. Write frequently :-

More posts you have, the better it is for the purpose of traffic as well as for your Blog. Generating more content would get your readers involved with you and will be interested to read what new posts your Blog have.

4. Guest Posts :-

Writing content for some other Blog, with the condition that its mentioned that its your work and the Blog you own. There are lots of benefits of doing guest posts ! Few if them are:-

●You would be able to get readers from other Blogs which is great to get your Blog reach more people.

●If the readers really like the guest post, they may start reading your posts as well.

So these are a few steps a Blogger can follow to increase the Blog traffic.

Do you follow these? Maybe share which one of these ways prove to be more helpful! Comment below.