L. A. Girl Foundation Review

I have mentioned in a post earlier that I love the L.A. Girl Foundation so much that I would buy it again as soon as I use up my current bottle. So since its my favorite one, and I have used it many times, I decided to review it. The post is not sponsored. Packaging: [...]

How to make anyone like you instantly!

We all want that everyone should like us. Don't we? Ofcourse in the sense that they will want to be our friend, talk to us or maybe something else.  So, the points below may help you in getting more friends and making more people like you.  Be happy, and smile often - People love to [...]

Is being good looking important?

Yes, being good looking is important! But wait, what is your definition of "Good looking"? For me,  good looking is about being presentable, being properly dressed up, and looking your best. Yes generally people say a person good looking because of a person's physical beauty. But its their way of thinking, according to me, I [...]