NutriGlow Complete Color correction créme Review

NutriGlow Complete Color correction créme is a daily use CC cream. Since “daughter’s week” was going on, my dad gifted me this with other gifts. I have used few BB creams but did not try a CC cream before.  What this Nutriglow CC Cream claims:- This CC cream claims to give flawless coverage, evens skin tone, control shine for upto 12 hours and gives light to medium coverage. It also moisturises the skin. It has gold shimmer. Price and availability:-[Read more]

5 simple ways to spread positivity wherever you go!

Our thoughts, the type of people we choose to be around, and the attitude towards life determines how our Life is. People we love to be around are those who think positive who can remain calm and handle situations when things go wrong. We should aim to be such a person in other people’s life. Simple ways to spread positivity wherever you go :- 1. Smile Yeah, simply smile. You smile, others will smile and there will be happiness all[Read more]

Simple ways to have a more Productive Day

Productivity is what we look for when we realise the importance of time and necessity of change. Productivity is not just doing more work and in a better way, its even about how long is it followed. If you are productive at one day, and other days are just the same, its of no use. You need to be consistent. Every single day has to be taken seriously and the productivity would just become a habit. So what can we[Read more]

Skincare Do’s and Don’ts

Skincare is really important for your skin and if you won’t do it right, it can harm it. So, skincare should be done the right way. I have mentioned few do’s and don’ts of Skincare. Make sure you take proper care of your skin and are following tips that are doing good to your skin instead of harming it. Skincare Do’s and Don’ts you should follow:- Skincare Do’s :- Use Sunscreen everyday.  Wash face with cold or mild water. Remove[Read more]

Things you need to do before launching your Blog

Things you need to do before launching your Blog

Starting a Blog has become very easy now. These days anyone can start a Blog based on their preferences either paid or free. And in the beginning, in the earlier days of Blogging, mistakes happen. Being new to it, it is difficult to understand that which is the best way to write a Blog post.  But the first and the main thing to do is to work on the look and the other features of the Blog. Are you about[Read more]